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2016 Summer Workshops

If you’re already missing the dog days of summer, take a look at our 2016 summer workshop schedule below!  We’re offering workshops in papermaking, book arts, letterpress, printmaking and, for the first time ever, tool-making! The Morgan is proud to have nationally recognized artists and educators teaching workshops that are open to all skill levels from beginners to professionals.

Registration for our 2016 summer workshops is now open. We are offering a 10% early registration discount until April 15th and the discounted price is listed next to each workshop below.

If you are traveling from out of town to attend a workshop, you may find some of these lodging options helpful.

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May 2016

Tool-Making from Bone
Taught by Shanna Leino

May 14 @10:00 am - May 15 @4:00 pm

Smooth, polished to a shine and fitting perfectly in your hand, there is nothing like the feel of a bone folder you made with your own hands. During this two-day workshop you will be introduced to the tools and techniques needed to form and finish bone folders of your own design. Simple methods of adding ornament to your tools will also be demonstrated. Bring some elbow grease and leave with 2–3 bone folders that will be beautiful both to look…

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Double-Wall Clamshell
Taught by Cris Takacs

May 21 @10:00 am - May 22 @4:00 pm

A clamshell box is a great way to house and protect a book or a set of prints and gives the maker the opportunity to conceptually support the narrative of the contents within the box. The double-wall clamshell box is used when a book is heavy, of unusual shape, or dimensionally large (i.e. to hold matted photographs or prints). In this workshop, participants will learn about grain direction and layering as well as construction and lining of custom-made boxes. Bring…

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Extra Large Type
Taught by Bob Kelemen

May 21 @10:00 am - May 22 @4:00 pm

We will utilize the Morgan’s extensive collection of oversized wood type (some measuring nearly two feet in height!) to make prints and learn letterpress printing techniques. Participants will learn how to properly ink, proof and pull a print. Join artist and educator Bob Kelemen for this unique opportunity to design and print a project using oversized wood type. No prior experience required.

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Taught by Esther K. Smith and Dikko Faust

May 27 @10:00 am - May 29 @4:00 pm

Moveable type ended the Dark Ages and ushered in the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, and literacy for the people. Learn typographic history and the fundamentals of letterpress through handsetting lead and wood type from the Morgan’s extensive collection and printing it on the letterpress. In addition to setting and printing a short sentence, the letterforms themselves will be used to create figurative typographic illustrations. All of the workshop participants will collaborate and contribute words and images that will be collectively…

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The Secret Belgian Binding
Taught by Johan Solberg

May 28 @10:00 am - May 29 @4:00 pm

After its invention by Belgian bookbinder Anne Goy in 1986, this structure spread around the globe. With its origin eventually falling into obscurity, it became known as the Secret Belgian Binding. This non-adhesive structure is a hybrid between a Western codex and a Japanese stab binding and is well-suited for conservation binding. Its ability to open flat also makes it perfect for journals and printed books. In this workshop, you will learn how to prepare sections and the cover pieces…

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June 2016

BigAss/BadAss Paper Fabrications
Taught by Julie McLaughlin and Rebecca Cross

June 1 @10:00 am - June 5 @4:00 pm

We’ve all heard of the Exquisite Corpse. In this workshop, BigAss Papermaking and BadAss Shibori will be combined into the exquisite weave. This five-day workshop will start with large-scale papermaking as students prepare kozo fiber and make large (approximately 6 x 9’) sheets of paper which will be dyed using shibori dye techniques: compression, tying, stitching and folding. The result will be diverse sheets of paper which will be torn into strips, shared with classmates, and woven into a new…

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BOX with a TWIST
Taught by Betsy Begue

June 4 @10:00 am - June 5 @4:00 pm

Ready for a new box structure? While the lid and bottom of the box are square, the sides of the box are facetted, giving them the shape of a gemstone. French cartonnage techniques will be demonstrated and practiced as we use binder’s board and specialized papers to build an 8 x 8″ box with canted sides, interior lining, and a fitted cover. No prior experience required.

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Make and Use Hanji
Taught by Aimee Lee

June 11 @10:00 am - June 12 @4:00 pm

Korean papermaking has been in motion for nearly 2,000 years and its product, hanji, is one of the most versatile papers for artists, designers, and inventors. In this class, students will learn how to make paper in the Korean tradition in both one- and two-ply sheets using two different sheet formation techniques with fiber they will process by hand. They will also transform hanji with joomchi and jiseung techniques, creating paper that behaves like fabric, thread, yarn and rope. Come…

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Paper Cutting
Taught by Julie Friedman

June 11 @10:00 am - June 12 @4:00 pm

In this workshop you will learn about the timeless craft of paper cutting which has its roots in China, Jewish art, European folk art, and now in the contemporary art world. Cut paper can be used to make greeting cards, stencils to use in printmaking or pages in an artist book in addition to standing alone as a piece of art. Utilizing the concept of positive and negative space, create simple or complex cuttings of your own design from a…

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Covers Uncovered: Recreating Historic Japanese Stab Bindings
Taught by Anne Covell

June 17 @10:00 am - June 19 @4:00 pm

In this three-day workshop, students will explore processes of papermaking, cover decoration and binding to create historic stab bindings as they were likely produced during the Edo Period (1603-1868) in Japan. Beginning from raw and recycled fibers, we will learn the fundamentals of traditional Nagashizuki papermaking as well as Han, or half-style, papermaking to create soft and supple papers for cover making. Once dry, we will use the papers we have made to create unique, laminated covers for use in…

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3-D Papermaking: Relief Papercasting
Taught by Tom Balbo

June 18 @10:00 am - June 19 @4:00 pm

Learn the art of papercasting from Tom Balbo, the Morgan’s Artistic Director and one of the most revered paper artists in the country. Tom has developed a process in which repurposed, everyday objects are placed on the surface of a vacuum table to create a composition, pigmented pulp is poured on top, and the vacuum table is utilized to remove the water from the pulp to form the cast. In addition to this technique, participants will learn how to pigment…

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Encaustic Monotype: Molten Painterly Prints
Taught by Catherine Nash

June 23 @10:00 am - June 26 @4:00 pm

Create translucent images utilizing the innovative and new techniques of encaustic monotype. Enhance your prints by experimenting with the use of stencils and masks, subtractive and additive mark-making techniques as well as the ability to enrich the surface with mixed media drawing, wax collage and encaustic painting. Melted, pigmented waxes on a hot plate can be transferred to a variety of papers both Western and Japanese to build “washes” and visual textures. Layer color to achieve rich nuances of tone…

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Handmade Paper: Surface Manipulation
Taught by Masha Ryskin

June 25 @10:00 am - June 26 @4:00 pm

Handmade paper is one of the most versatile surfaces. Strong and resilient, it takes well to printmaking, sewing, drawing, and many other processes. In this workshop, we will explore a variety of surface manipulation techniques, from relief printmaking and monotype to embroidery and drawing. Artists will have the opportunity to create imagery by drawing with pencils and thread, printing, and layering the paper to create both flat compositions and accordion books. No prior experience required.

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July 2016

Paper to Book
Taught by Radha Pandey

July 9 @10:00 am - July 10 @4:00 pm

Many people make paper and still have a pile of handmade paper in a drawer years later. In this class, you will learn how to make sheets of paper expressly to transform them into books. On the first day, you will learn how to make Western paper with cotton and abaca as well as how to plan sheet size to prepare for bookbinding. On the second day, you will use these papers to make book structures that range from a…

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Mark-Making: The Stitch
Taught by Kim Power

July 9 @10:00 am - July 10 @4:00 pm

Mark-making is as individual as the person making it. It can be a dot or dash, a cross or a check. It can be random or it can be organized. It can guide the eye and define spatial relationships. Through experimentation and guided instruction, participants will discover and develop the beginnings of their own personal mark-making style using fine thread and a variety of papers conducive to sewn expression. This is for the debutant as well as the experienced stitcher.…

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Wood Engraving: Historic Letterpress Illustration
Taught by Joanne Price

July 15 @10:00 am - July 17 @4:00 pm

Wood engraving creates delicate, fine details with bold woodcut characteristics. This process is perfect for adding illustrations to letterpress holiday cards, artist’s books, broadsides or to create a stand-alone image. This intensive, engraving crash course will give participants the basic skills to create a unique, wood-engraved print. With a print exchange at the end of the workshop, you’ll find the perfect opportunity to start your own art collection! No prior experience required. Note: This workshop runs from 6:30–8:00 PM on…

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Miniature Pop-Up Books
Taught by Shawn Sheehy

July 16 @10:00 am - July 17 @4:00 pm

Pop-up books are exciting when impossibly large images explode from the opened book. Strategies for creating these explosive, expansive structures are useful in miniature books as they allow you to squeeze extra content into tiny tomes. In this workshop you will build and bind a dozen structures that move above, beyond and even behind the page. Beginners are welcome; experienced participants will explore pop-ups through a valuable new lens.

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Single-Sheet Books on the Vandercook: Introduction to Letterpress Printing
Taught by Cody Gieselman

July 23 @10:00 am - July 24 @4:00 pm

Students will learn four single-sheet book structures to employ in this simple workshop. We will cover book design basics and the fundamentals of printing with a Vandercook proof press, including typesetting, imagemaking, mixing ink, and pulling a print as well as how to clean and care for the machine. Students will be able to trade their single-sheet books with one another so everyone will come away with a small collection of artist books for future inspiration and to reference techniques.…

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Architectural Innovations and Dynamic Book Structures
Taught by Cynthia Nourse Thompson

July 23 @10:00 am - July 24 @4:00 pm

Invented by Hedi Kyle, the myriad of unique book structures we will create in this workshop have transformed the architecture and action of the book and moreover, have had a lasting impact on book artists and the field of book arts. Hedi Kyle graduated from the Werk-Kunst Schule in Wiesbaden, Germany and after a brief career as a graphic designer, became immersed in the fields of book arts and book conservation. I hope to continue to further Hedi’s legacy by…

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Marbling on Paper & Cloth
Taught by Steve Pittelkow

July 30 @10:00 am - July 31 @4:00 pm

Marbling offers a fascinating and magical method for decorating paper. Colors are floated on a liquid bath and combed into beautiful and intricate patterns. Paper is gently applied to the bath surface and, presto, a print appears. Using modern paints and materials, students will explore this centuries old art form in detail. Both historical and fantasy patterns will be explored and experimentation will be encouraged. Students will gain a thorough understanding of all aspects of marbling and a portfolio of…

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Carousel Books
Taught by Maria Pisano

July 30 @10:00 am - July 31 @4:00 pm

A carousel book is an ingenious work, containing three-dimensional panoramic scenes that are revealed in multilayered openings that recede into space. Its seductiveness comes as a result of its construction, a series of five scenes, which when taken together are a play in five acts. Viewed through windows or other intricate openings, they take the viewer in their world, beckoning with surprises of creative, multidimensional visual experiences. When fully opened it creates a full 180-degree stage, which from an aerial…

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August 2016

Reduction Linoleum Printing Made Easy
Taught by Radha Pandey

August 3 @10:00 am - August 7 @4:00 pm

In this five-day intensive, students will learn how to set up and print a multi-colour linoleum block on the Vandercook proof press. Fundamentals of letterpress printing such as how to lock up a form, ink, proof and print will be covered. We will use stencils to build up layers of colour and multiple blocks to provide accents to our images as needed. In addition to printing your own edition, students will exchange prints on the final day of the workshop…

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An Embroidered Binding Sampler
Taught by Debra Eck

August 6 @10:00 am - August 7 @4:00 pm

This workshop will explore the intersection of sewn bindings with the possibilities contained in more traditional embroidery from many world traditions. The term ’embroidered bookbinding’ usually describes a book bound in textile, decorated with a design made for the book and worked in coloured and metallic threads on both covers, but in this workshop participants will explore the possibilities of expanding embroidery techniques onto the spine of a book. The workshop will begin by exploring simple adaptations of more traditional…

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Fiber Arts Techniques for Book Artists
Taught by Natalie Stopka

August 13 @10:00 am - August 14 @4:00 pm

This workshop will introduce bookmakers to the world of fiber arts techniques to bring color, pattern, and texture to their work! Students will learn the basics of preparing and fixing natural dyes to both fabric and paper for beautiful, accessible, and sustainable color. Our dyed fabrics and papers will be used to create a book exploring the opportunities for fiber and book arts to connect with techniques such as embroidery and needle weaving. Students may bring along sample materials to…

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Chinese Thread Book
Taught by Rhonda Miller

August 13 @10:00 am - August 14 @4:00 pm

The Chinese Thread Book, or Zhen Xian Bao, is an obscure folk art that originated in rural China and may still be found in some remote areas. The thread book was used like a sewing kit to store thread, needles, fabric, patterns, or anything else that a woman wanted to keep safe. We will learn how to make a thread book using traditional paper folding techniques and styles of decoration. At the end of the workshop, each student will have…

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Book in a Box
Taught by Clare Murray Adams

August 20 @10:00 am - August 21 @4:00 pm

Participants will create small boxes from patterns and incorporate pages with images and/or brief text that will be sewn into the folded areas of the box or glued into the bottom of the box. The box can be constructed from old prints or paintings as well as from new sheets of paper. When opened, the box will reveal the pages of text, drawings or selected images. The outside of the box can be embellished with collage, paint and colored pencil…

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Native Species: Ecoprinting
Taught by Velma Bolyard

August 20 @10:00 am - August 21 @4:00 pm

In this workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of contact ecoprinting to create beautiful, double-sided papers. Deepen your understanding of place through harvesting plants from a location that is significant to you and use them to ecoprint on a variety of different paper. Ecoprinting is the process of cooking bundled paper together with mordants and gathered plant material as the source of pigmentation and it reveals some of the most breathtaking and unexpected colors and designs. This is a great…

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Mokuhanga: Introduction to Japanese Woodcut
Taught by April Vollmer

August 27 @10:00 am - August 28 @4:00 pm

This workshop is an introduction to traditional Japanese woodblock printing for contemporary artists, printers and enthusiasts. Each participant will carve and print an edition of color prints to learn about this non-toxic process. Mokuhanga provides precise registration and great control over color as well as a connection to an important chapter in the history of printmaking. We will carve blocks during the first half of the workshop and print during the second half. Both days will begin with a discussion…

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Creative Papermaking Processes: Positive & Negative Stenciling
Taught by Kyle Holland

August 27 @10:00 am - August 28 @4:00 pm

Paper isn’t just a silent vehicle to write or print upon anymore, now you can create a work of art entirely out of paper pulp. In this workshop, you will learn Western-style papermaking as well as several stenciling techniques to create imagery during the papermaking process. We will focus on various pulp painting and blowout techniques in addition to pulling shaped sheets of paper. Discussion will center around fibers that are commonly used in Western papermaking and how to process…

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September 2016

Printed Pulp: Drypoint on Various Fibers
Taught by Beth Sheehan

September 7 @10:00 am - September 11 @4:00 pm

Paper is a game changer in the world of printmaking. Color, thickness, texture, fiber, sizing and additives can all dramatically change the look of your print. In this five-day intensive, students will learn various techniques for creating and printing drypoint plates. We will then discuss the virtues of various papers and how they alter and inform the printing process. Chine collé and multiple-plate printing will also be demonstrated and students will have the opportunity to test everything they have learned.…

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Upside Down, Back to Back and Side by Side: Double Book Structures
Taught by Fran Kovac

September 10 @10:00 am - September 11 @4:00 pm

Explore double book structures and forms where two books can be bound together in a variety of ways and with a variety of techniques. The tête-bêche, or “head to toe” binding, incorporates two texts that share a spine with no back cover, but two front covers instead. The dos-à-dos binding (“back to back”) and the French door binding (“side by side”) both share the back cover board, but in very different ways. Through allowing two texts to relate to each…

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Islamic World Papermaking
Taught by Radha Pandey

September 16 @10:00 am - September 18 @4:00 pm

In this three-day workshop, students will learn about Islamic world papermaking and its role in the history of paper. We will watch videos, look at and discuss examples and applications of contemporary Islamic-style paper. We will cover fiber preparation, cooking and beating as well as the sheet forming technique. Students will have ample time to make their own stack of paper. Simple surface finishing techniques will be demonstrated and on the last day, these will be applied to the finished…

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Powerful Print Portfolios
Taught by Rory Sparks

September 17 @10:00 am - September 18 @4:00 pm

Spend a day in the printshop making image-based prints using low-relief, alternative print matrices such as collagraphs and pressure prints. We’ll trade prints and create a suite to be housed in a box. On day two, we will explore multiple structures for boxes and portfolios to house the prints. We will discuss proper materials and preparation including precise measuring and cutting. We will also cover ways to safely remove prints from boxes and incorporate display structures such as easels and…

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Chinese Lantern Box
Taught by Steve Pittelkow

September 24 @10:00 am - September 25 @4:00 pm

By popular demand, this beautiful curved-side box returns to the Morgan Conservatory class schedule. Students will construct a sturdy inner box then curve lightweight binder’s board to form the lantern shape. The completed box will be adorned with decorative paper, wood and brass to make an elegant structure. Students will receive additional materials to complete a second box. No prior experience required. Note: This workshop runs from 10:00 AM–5:00 PM on Saturday, September 24th and from 12:00–4:00 PM on Sunday,…

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